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5 Easy Ways to Cut Wedding Costs | Wedy Planning Tips

Updated: Jul 24

Fear not - Wedy’s got you covered with 5 simple ways to help you save money when planning your wedding so you can cut costs without sacrificing your dream wedding.

Once all the excitement from the engagement starts to fade and the wedding planning frenzy begins, you might find yourself realizing that getting married is expensive. We hear you. Maybe you’re wondering, “What are some things you decided not to have at your weddings to save costs?” Maybe the idea of ditching the big ceremony thing and running away to get hitched in Vegas isn’t sounding so bad anymore. Fear not -- Wedy’s got you covered. We’ve curated some of the top things we think you can consider saying “I don’t” need at your wedding, so you can have peace of mind on your big day while you focus on saying your biggest “I do!”

1. Ditch the Paper + Go Digital

Save the trees and your wallets all at once! One thing the past three and a half months have taught us is how quickly everyone is able to adapt to going online -- and that can apply to your wedding too! We’re not saying you need to have a Zoom ceremony (although that would definitely be interesting!), but we are saying opt for digital invites/save the dates and online RSVPs. Bonus points for designing them yourself!

2. Cut Your Guest List

Your wedding should be full of joy, memories, and celebration. We understand if you want to be surrounded by everyone you love on your special day, but remember that every extra guest will add to your total on your big day. Sometimes you just gotta cut the guest list down to the people you really really want by your side, even if it means you can’t invite that third cousin twice removed you’ve never met before.

If you want to take this tip even further, consider having an intimate wedding or elopement! This is becoming an increasingly popular option among couples who just want to make it official ASAP -- you can always have a party after! Check out our other blog posts for tips on eloping, and don’t forget that Wedy has already curated some great, all-inclusive elopement wedding packages for you to explore all on our app. We’re here to make your big day as easy as possible!

3. Consider Alternatives to a Big Cake

We know how tempting it can be to splurge on a massive, gorgeous, wedding cake -- but trust us, that can add a lot to your expenses really quickly. Instead, consider layering cake stands with cupcakes or another smaller dessert. If you’re set on capturing that cake-cutting moment, you can always get a small 6” cake from your favorite bakery to crown your “cake”. Plus, this way you can mix and match your favorite flavors. Yum!

4. Don’t splurge on decor

Floral arrangements, centerpieces, favors, lights… all of these things can add up very quickly. Did you know that you can still have a beautiful wedding without spending thousands of dollars on decorations? Check with your venue to see if they might already have some decorations available. There are also lots of ways to DIY your favorite looks for much cheaper (and honestly, with better results sometimes!). You can always opt for a minimalist look, or see what you and your friends or family might already have at home that can be repurposed here. Remember that your guests are there to celebrate you and your S.O.’s beautiful commitment to each other, not the decorations.

5. Get married on a weekday!

The literal day of the week you choose to get married on can actually have a huge impact on your costs. Just as with anything else, there are definite wedding peak and off seasons, and this can affect how much vendors will charge you for their services. An easy way to find the best day to book your vendors is by using the Dynamic Pricing Calendar feature in the

Wedy App! This amazing tool lets you choose your favorite vendors and see their pricing and availability for different services and days without having to send a thousand back and forth emails or contact forms.

Bonus tip: Use Wedy's Free Wedding Consultation service to bring your dream wedding to life!

Wedy is a wedding marketplace where engaged couples can browse, build and book wedding services. Connect with our expert wedding planners who help you prepare for your big day with spending plans based on your budget, receive pro recommendations and proposals!

Eliminate the stress of wedding planning through Wedy - the all-in-one wedding planning app that helps you design your dream wedding by defining your style and budget, while also connecting you with professional wedding vendors in real time.

We know that planning a wedding on a budget can be stressful, and we hope that these tips will help you out in your journey to the big day. Now, we want to hear from you -- what are some things you decided not to have at your weddings to save costs?

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