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Elopement Essentials | 5 Steps to Planning Your Elopement

With eloping growing more common in light of uncertain times, we at Wedy know that there is still certainty in love! Here is a quick, no nonsense guide on 5 essentials to bring to your elopement.

1. An Officiant (and Witnesses)

Depending on your choice of venue, you may need to provide an officiant and witnesses for the marriage to be official. Different places have different requirements, so do your research to ensure you show up with the proper entourage on your big day.

2. A Mini-Emergency Kit

Even though you’ve checked everything three times, mishaps do happen. It’s best to have a miniature emergency kit for those little things that can go wrong. Have a small bag of items like safety pins, fashion tape, lotion, stain remover, hair pins, an extra tie, pain reliever, and anything else you might need.

3. The Perfect Attire

Especially if you’re including a full photoshoot on your wedding day, you’ll want to dress in a way that you’ll look back on with a smile and happy heart. If a traditional wedding gown or a tuxedo is too much for you, let your personality shine through with other outfit options such as a jumpsuit, short dress, relaxed suit, or even casual clothing in coordinating colors.

4. The Marriage License (and other necessary documents)

While we’re a sucker for a whirlwind romance (rom-com Netflix marathon, anyone?), we can’t forget that a marriage - whether an elopement or not - also comes with the responsibility of legal documentation. Be sure to have items like proof of identification, birth certificate, proof of citizenship or residence, and anything else your state may require. If there is a name change on the horizon, tackle that with proactivity as well!

5. Announcement

Whether you’re announcing your marriage after the fact or you’re inviting a select few to the ceremony itself, be sure to let those important to you know about your big day and celebrate as you see fit. Spread the love!

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